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Recruitment marketing as a reputation booster

Recruitment marketing can be a significant tool for acquiring talents. But if it is not used properly it can affect the company reputation in a negative way. 

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Found out why the key element is balance between internal and external recruitment!

In this session you will learn:

How to identify your audience?

How to personalize the message and make it less "headhunting"?

How to balance internal and external recruitment approach?

Co-founder and managing director of Storyline Belgrade
Co-founder and managing director of Storyline Belgrade
Employer branding specialist​
Employer branding specialist​
Author at Netokracija
Author at Netokracija

Nenad Sicevic, our speaker

Over the years, he worked in various managerial positions. Working with industry leaders gave him the opportunity to become an expert when it comes to employer branding. 

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