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Hack Your Way to Success: How Hackathons Can Boost Your SWE Career

Find out how participating in hackathons can accelerate your SWE career, increase your chances of becoming a great software engineer, and give you a motivation boost.

Frontend engineer

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Are you a junior software engineer or student looking to boost your career? Our webinar on the value of hackathons is for you!

In this session you will learn:

What are the benefits of hackathons?

How to overcome imposter syndrome?

How to increase your chances of becoming a great SWE?

Frontend engineer at Tenderly
Frontend engineer at Tenderly
Participated in 13 hackathons
Participated in 13 hackathons
Strong interest in blockchain technology and web3
Strong interest in blockchain technology and web3

Vanja Paunovic, our speaker

Works as a frontend engineer at Tenderly, where he’s one of the first employees. Hackathons provided him with valuable experiences and have opened many doors for his career.

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